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The World Needs More Love And Hugs
23rd March 2019

Davina McCluskie Wedding Ceremonies Scotland

Today I awoke early with the intention of starting early, however I had mistakenly left my mobile on the bedside table, so the first thing I done was pick it up and before I knew what was what I was on the dreaded social media…30mins disappeared before my sleepy eyes…

This is the reason I stopped having devices in the bedroom, I have made conscious efforts to leave them downstairs for a few months now, I thought it would be safe after all this time as I could not be bothered taking it down stairs…

This reminds me of any addiction no matter how long you may leave your vice alone sometimes it takes just one slip up to be lost in it again…

Why am I writing this on my wedding blog?

I suppose as I come into the wedding season here on Skye I need reminding that to get the most out of my work and give my couples a memorable experience I have to put the best of me in to it and I can not do that whilst starting the day with emails and social media before I even get out of bed.

The day for me has to start with landing softly back into the waking world, the new day, it’s a fresh start so why fog it with screen time, that junk light, I need my senses to waken with the natural light the sound of the world outside gently wakening up

I can then stretch into my skin, my body, slip into my mind before breaking my fast with nourishing food and liquids.

Then and only then can I open my laptop and start work on LOVE whether that be writing vows of commitment for someone or sourcing readings from REAL books or indeed reaching into myself and creating words of love and joy.

This is a timely reminder and one I will heed to the best of my ability, as I prepare for a season of love, joy, memory making and moments of sheer pleasure as I join lovers together as one on the start of their incredible journey.


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