Sacred Elopements

Eloping to Skye can be so much more than saying your vows on a mountain top and hiking strenuous trails
You and your partner can come and immerse yourselves into the wild spirit of the Island as well as connecting to the peace and stillness that it has to offer
You will still have the majesty of the island surrounding you but we will find quieter off the beaten track locations so that you can be at one with all that is around you

Starting the day with with sacred meditation, yoga, a nature walk or swim.

As a qualified and experienced kundalini yoga teacher I can create an individual plan to suit your abilities and desires.

We will then go onto a quiet spot and share in a picnic…

After we will hold a ceremony to make the spot sacred and ask for a blessing from our Mother Earth and the sky above

Then we prepare for your commitment ceremony with rituals you have chosen.

We conclude the day with a gratitude ceremony.

All of the above is crafted personally and individually.

I am passionate about vegan food so the picnic basket will reflect this, it will be vegan/vegetarian and where possible the food will be local and seasonal any other ingredients will be carefully selected with least environmental impact as possible.
Throughout the day there will be a considered emphasis on the environment, everything from your handfast tie (optional made by me using natural yarn and twine) to the plates your food is served on will have the environment in mind
The whole time will be slowed down so you can relax and take in the beauty that our island has to offer … no need to dash around, staying in one area to lower our emission impact too…
Our aim is for you to have a sustainable eco friendly experience leaving no trace with this slowed down approach.

This is a wonderful way to hold your legal ceremony but is also suitable to celebrate couples who have already made their legal vows, it truly is a day for you and your partner to celebrate your love.

There are a few photographers on the island that are sympathetic to this kind of sacred ceremony that you may wish to hire to catalogue the day
I will not post your ceremony as a promotion opportunity on my socials the sacred element of the ceremonies will be kept as that sacred… Of course you are welcome to share your photos if you wish.

I will provide links to vendors that are in keeping with my ethos