Wedding Ceremonies

couple and bouquet

♥ Wedding Ceremonies Tailored To Your Needs

We loved meeting you and how you put us at ease on our special day.

We also commend you on not getting distracted by barking dogs and our bouncy family as they tried to keep warm.

Thank you for marrying us

Yasmine & Stewart

The service is an important part of the day so I am here to make sure its right and memorable to you. Personalizing the service will make it unique to you and special to all concerned. Any requirements you may have I am here to help you with. Hymns, songs, maybe a close friend or family member has a musical talent and you can have them preform. You can also have readings and poems read by friends.

You may wish to incorporate other elements to your wedding, a romantic gesture is to light two candles, sometimes referred to as unity candles, then ask family members to light candles bringing the two families together. This to can be adapted to suit your wishes. Whatever you choose to have as part of your ceremony, it will be very special to you.


“Love blossoms with faith 

And grows with gratitude”

♥ A Short Set Formatted Ceremony

For couples who do not want to spend too much time organising but still want it meaningful and personal.

This would be around 20 minutes in length with the option of readings, poems etc. I have selected ones from which you can choose.
Vows – Rings – Blessing


♥ Individually Tailored Ceremony

This option allows you choose the theme and set the tone of your day.
Options of a typical Scottish wedding, alternative, multi cultural, spiritual & non religious.
Or indeed a mix of all the above.
The possibilites are endless and I am here to assist you with examples and to support you throughout so together we can create the wedding ceremony of your dreams.

♥ Handfasting Traditional Celtic Wedding Ceremony

If you do not fancy a traditional Scottish wedding the increasingly popular Hand Fasting Ceremony may be what you are looking for.
Harking back to a more distant past this ceremony has its roots in ancient Celtic tradition.
The term ‘tying the knot’ comes from this ceremony.
The ceremony can be tailored individually, usually including a blessing of the elements and or directions, drinking from the Scottish Quaich and a charging of the rings.

This can be a simple short ceremony or a full ritual.