The World Needs More Love And Hugs

To start the day with?
4th March 2019


Love and Hugs at Loch Coruisk Isle of Skye

Photo by Rosie @LoveSkyePhotography …

One of the greatest things about my job is meeting the beautiful couples from around the world…

I get to know “my ” couples over a few months and usually only through email and the odd video call due to locations. When their special day arrives it is usually filled with emotion and a great deal of love…

There is a moment when I see my couple for the first time in the flesh (so to speak) that I feel that connection, before the waves of excitement and greetings start. I then feel my responsibility to them, to get them to their location in one piece, make sure they are all OK..

Once the ceremony is delivered and I make that joyous pronouncement that they are now wed, I get the honour of being the first to congratulate and hug them…


Looking over photos I notice myself going in for the hug, for me its a touching moment of pure love for someone I’ve only met minutes ago.

To be part of such a monumental day in their lives, to send them on their way with blessings of love, joy and long life, is an honour that I am so grateful for each and every time. This is a job I feel I will never tire from, how could I possibly tire of such love and such fabulous hugs.

The world needs more love and more hugs each day!


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